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Subaru to get More Power and Better Performance

Subaru to get More Power and Better Performance Image

It seems that, despite speed limits and bumper-to-bumper city driving, most consumers are still forever yearning for a faster, more powerful vehicle.  Subaru has responded to this reality by giving their STI WRX range more power and also better performance.

The company managed to increase power output of their WRX STI 2.5 litre boxer engine by ten brake horse power from 300 to 320.  Subaru­s team of UK engineers has also managed to improve the mid-range torque output of the engine ± it now delivers 450 Nm instead of the current 407Nm.  Most Subaru buyers will appreciate the fact that the increased torque is available at lower speeds ± 3400 rpm instead of the previous engine, which needed 4000rpm to produce its maximum torque.

The extra power has an effect on acceleration times.  The new engine will accelerate the car from 0-62mpg (100km/h) in 4.9 seconds, where it took the old engine 5.2 seconds to reach the same speed.

It is not just the engine that has been upgraded though.  Subaru has also tried to make travelling in the WRX STI more fun by adding a Pioneer satellite navigation system.  Bluetooth and iPod connectivity were thrown in at no additional cost.

Some impressive features that come with all STIs include push button start, keyless entry, climate control, hill start assist, leather Recaro seats, SI-Drive, remote locking, 18-inch alloy wheels, cruise control and satellite tracking.

The revamped STI sells at £32,995.  The satellite navigation system and power pack will be available on all four-door and five-door models bought after 1st April but before 30th June 2011.

Author - Louise Hutchinson

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