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Welcome to the Creditplus Car Reviews page. Here you'll find honest, unbiased reviews of all the latest cars you can finance through Creditplus. As well as our in-house Creditplus reviews we also have owner reviews and even Parkers reviews. Our Car Review section covers a wide selection of vehicles, so you’re sure to find enough information to help assist you with your decision.

You can search for a specific car you have in mind by selecting Make, Model and Year in the drop down menus, and then clicking Search. We also offer you a way to browse cars by manufacturer - simply click on the Manufacturer tab and make a selection from the drop down menu and then click Search.

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Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon 2006-2009
One of the best all round sports cars from Alfa is the 159 (06-) and comes as either a Saloon or Sportwagon. The 159 is the replacement for the 156 Sportwagon and it is certainly better in e...
(1 review)
Alfa Romeo 147 Hatchback 2001-2005
The Alfa 147 (01-09) hatchback is a sporty small family car which was voted European Car of the Year 2001 ahead of the Toyota Prius. It was launched in 2000 as a replacement for the Alfa 145...
(2 reviews)
Fiat 500 Hatchback 2008
The new 500 is a significant model in the Fiat's line-up. It was appropriately launched in 2007, exactly 50 years after the first Fiat 500 made its debut. Visually both cars are very alike a...
(1 review)
Alfa Romeo Mito Hatchback 2009
The MITO is Alfa's best attempt to conquer the mainstream car market since the timeless and classic Giulietta in the 1950s. Although the Italian manufacturer has always stood out as one of t...
Alfa Romeo 145 Hatchback 1994-2001
Alfa Romeo introduced the 145 (94-01) hatchback amongst extensive competition in the hatchback market. Alfa wanted to target dedicated Alfa Romeo enthusiasts to gain more market share. It is...
(2 reviews)
Alfa Romeo Brera Coupe 2006-2010
The Brera is Alfa Romeos latest attempt at building an affordable supercar. With reasonable upkeep costs and attractive fuel consumption figures, this car remains a good choice for people wh...

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Interested in writing your own car review? Your personal experience can make a real difference to someone’s decision and could save them time and money finding out something you have discovered that no one else has mentioned yet.  Furthermore, we offer you the chance to win prizes for your efforts by automatically entering you in a draw once your review has been verified.  If you would like to write an owner review for your car then visit the car review competition page and complete the form as instructed.

Latest Owner Reviews

Rolls Royce Phantom Saloon 2003
This imposing limousine is the first Rolls-Royce to be developed under BMW management. Although it’s...
Ferrari F430 Coupe 2005-2009
The Ferrari F430 was designed to take the place of the F360 Modena which came as a surprise as there...