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Boasting more than 105 years in production the highly respected Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo have always maintained their classy edge. With racing being the company’s early focus it’s clear where their unmistakable sporty approach to design came from, with many models offering looks that often surpass their rivals. Reliability has always been a stigma that has stuck which no doubt has influenced their low numbers. However, there are many owners who have enjoyed a problem free experience, especially with more modern models. Alfa Romeos appeal to drivers who like to break way from the norm, and where styling and performance is of particular interest.


Although Alfa targets a niche market there is enough options to catch the eye of most drivers. With the Mito targeting the supermini market, Alfa seem to have attracted the attention of the masses. However, its styling is questionable and certainly looks like the odd one in the Alfa family. The Golf competing Giuletta certainly offers the style expected and performance worthy of its sporting pedigree, but does not live up to its German rivals when it comes to build quality. The Alfa Romeo Giulia seems to have attracted the most attention for Alfa in recent years, and with exceptional styling and performance it’s easy to see why. Finally, Alfa’s 4C at first seems to offer everything a driver would want from an Italian sports car with great styling and excellent performance and handling, but does lack a little in refinement compared to its rivals.

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