Alfa Romeo 156 Saloon 2002-2005

Alfa Romeo 156 Saloon 2002-2005

Overall Rating:
Review by Brian
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Used ... Great value fun Alfa "

Exterior and Interior

Well this car looks great and I would say the best looking in its class, with its timeless shape that always turns heads and the hidden rear door handles help to give it a coupe look without having to do without the rear doors. Inside is well finished with plenty of toys too. The seats are great and its easy to get a good seating position.

Performance and Economy

Fuel economy is what you would expect from any good car, but there is plenty of power to get you past the slower cars in your way.

Like to Drive

This car is a joy to drive with the growl of the engine and the sharp steering which combine to put a smile on your face. <

Faults and Repairs

I did have a sensor go on the CAT which lit up the engine light, but this was cheap to put right and didnt actually affect the car to drive. Other than this it has been a real joy to own.