Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon 2006-2009

Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon 2006-2009

Review by Shaun Armstrong
Monday, May 16, 2016


  • A comfortable and large cabin for both the driver and passenger
  • Reasonably priced equipment that under cuts many high-class cars in the same class
  • Effective handling and performance


  • Low values for resale
  • Small boot section
  • Average fuel economy


One of the best all round sports cars from Alfa is the 159 (06-) and comes as either a Saloon or Sportwagon. The 159 is the replacement for the 156 Sportwagon and it is certainly better in every aspect. The Alfa 159 has all the necessary elements such as efficient handling, dazzling looks, great performance and much more. The 159 model features a new personally engineered floor pan to deliver performance to its highest level.

Exterior and Interior

The 159 offers a load-space of 445-litres, rear folding seats with a ski hatch for long items and an armrest. The folding rear-seats allow the luggage space to extend which increases the load space extensively at the back. The interior of the 159 also includes ergonomics that are friendly to the driver, superior comfort and space for the passengers, typical level equipment and a lavish design. All of the models are very well equipped with the base models having front and rear electric windows, climate control, fitted alloys and stability control. Parking sensors among other options are available on the higher specification models.

Performance and Economy

The V6 petrol and the 2.4-litre diesel engines have the option of coming with the state of the art four-wheel drive system. At the centre of this system, the car has an inbuilt unit that divides the torque between the front and rear axles with a ratio of 43:57, to the front and rear axles respectively. The 159 features high-quality floor pans that incorporate materials to give an overall much improved performance. The fuel economy of the diesel engines is very good and will range between 39 ‐ 48mpg. The petrol counterparts also fair well and deliver between 24 - 37mpg.

Like to Drive

The 159 deals very well with most bumps and external noises but is let down when driving on motorways and extremely bumpy roads. Although, Alfa have used the same technology in the 159 as can be found in the BMW 3 series which helps to reduce the amount of external noise in the car. The 159 handles well through the bends but body movement is not controlled and it can feel cumbersome at times. The handling and excellent grip of the car will impress a lot of buyers and the steering is very accurate if a little unresponsive at times.

Faults and Repairs

Innovative and high-quality materials along with technology are some of the factors that determine the durability in Alfa 159. Alfa have also constructed the 159 using dual-phase and high-strength steels making the car resistant to rough road lines, as well as to small impact collisions. These factors make sure that the car offers the driver, as well as the passengers, with optimum safety and security. The servicing costs of the 159 are still high and many people still believe the build and reliability isn't as good as other manufacturers. There are very few common faults though, so the 159 does seem to fair better than its predecessors.