Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon 2009-2011

Alfa Romeo 159 Saloon 2009-2011

Overall Rating:
Review by Mohrazzaq
Monday, May 16, 2016


"My pride and joy"

Exterior and Interior

Interior is absolutely brilliant. Front exterior paintwork has got a few chips in it after 18 months which is disappointing. I have only had a minor problem with the engine and was given a courtesy car for the 5 days it took to get the part from Italy and get it fitted. Apart from that no other problems.

Performance and Economy

Performance from the 1.9 turbo Diesel engine is very strong and fuel economy is around an average of 48mpg.

Like to Drive

Everything that people rave about. The road handling makes you think that you are driving a car worth 80k and not the 20k I paid for it. It is very comfortable and strangely very sporty too which amazes me as you would expect either one or the other but not both. <

Faults and Repairs

Only 1 fault as stated above and rectified to my satisfaction. It took a week to get the part and to get it fitted but as I had been given a courtesy car it didn't bother me much. Other than that there have been no other faults after 18 months of driving. This was my biggest worry when I bought the car due to its reputation.