Alfa Romeo GT Coupe 2004-2009

Alfa Romeo GT Coupe 2004-2009

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Stunning Alfa looks
  • Excellent diesel option
  • Amazingly practical
  • Great to drive


  • Poor rear visibility
  • Poor gearbox
  • Cabin may be small for taller drivers and passengers in the back


The Alfa Romeo GT is a sophisticated coupe with stunningly good looks, an attractive interior and is available with a superb range of engines to choose from. When it comes to its size, this coupe isn"t the biggest but is good value for money for potential buyers in the market looking for a second hand car. Like other members of the Alfa Romeo family, this car comprises enough charisma and charm but it also comes with a very good reliability history compared to Alfa Romeo"s of the past

Exterior and Interior

The GT has three seats in the back with enough space to be usable for adults but which will start to feel cramped on longer journeys. The comfort of the GT apart from the back seats is above par, but a little gloomy because of the small windows. The ride is also very smooth and quiet on motorways with excellent feeling coming through the steering wheel. The GT only comes with one choice of trim but this comes with everything including dual-zone climate control, heated leather seats, cruise control and parking sensors. The multi-lingual displays allow good access to information such as odometer readings, the radio, exterior temperature and mobile phone.

Performance and Economy

Overall the 1.9-litre diesel is the best car with 150bhp and a fuel economy of 45mpg without losing anything on the petrol engines. If you would prefer a petrol engine then the 2.0-litre is a good alternative as it gives a decent 32.5mpg and is quick enough off the line to excite you. To complete the Alfa Romeo GT range is the V6, and the range-topping, 3.2-litre engine. It exhibits great performance; however, it has a huge thirst for fuel and only manages 22mpg.

Like to Drive

The Alfa Romeo GT is extremely comfortable and exhibits a feel good factor with its leather seats which have that little touch of Italian style that makes the car special. The driving position is good with an abundance of adjustments to choose from in both the seats and steering wheel. All controls are within easy reach of the driver and in general are easy to use. The Alfa Romeo GT has a well proportioned boot with the split folding rear seats that increases the luggage space considerably. The GT has the look of a small saloon, but whole rear is capable of opening up like a hatchback.

Faults and Repairs

Alfa Romeo have ensured that the GT is well equipped when it comes to safety by incorporating the latest technological advances into the vehicle. The GT comes with front, side and window airbags, traction control, a fire prevention system and a strengthened passenger cell . It also comes with Alfa's VDC ("Vehicle Dynamic Control) system which is an emergency brake aid. The GT also has an alarm, immobilizer and deadlocks to ensure further safety. Alfa have also introduced their own Q2 system as an optional extra which is a limited slip differential technology used for improving cornering, particularly on the slippery surfaces. This system also helps to reduce under steer common in front wheel drive vehicles as well as wheel spin. With all these features most people will be very happy to hear that the car is actually very reliable! The newer Alfa Romeo's are breaking away from their past and building a very strong reputation for the future.