Alfa Romeo GT Coupe Special Edition 2007-2010

Alfa Romeo GT Coupe Special Edition 2007-2010

Overall Rating:
Review by Stuart
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Italian beauty"

Exterior and Interior

Probably one of the prettiest cars on the road. Alfa Romeo isn't a popular brand in the UK, so it's a relatively rare sight. And as such, it gets plenty of attention - people either don't know what it is or they think its something far more exotic! The interior is soft Italian leather, chrome and style.

Performance and Economy

Pretty good performance from the 170bhp diesel engine - plenty of torque to overtake. And it can hit 50mpg on a run. It's not the sweetest sounding engine.

Like to Drive

Its quite nice to drive, it has a bespoke Q2 limited slip diff, and the double wishbone suspension means it handles pretty well too. It pulls well out of corners, has good traction and is fun. It might be to harsh for some, especially if the suspension is worn. <

Faults and Repairs

The suspension is brilliant...for a limited time. Bushes, wishbones, ball joints etc all wear out quickly. This means less than perfect suspension can be crashy and ruin the ride of the car.