BMW 3 Series Compact 2001-2003

BMW 3 Series Compact 2001-2003

Overall Rating:
Review by Sully
Monday, May 16, 2016


"3 series compact small yet perfectly formed"

Exterior and Interior

The interior is the standard interior that was in all E46 BMW models. All electrical, digital dash with mileage, temperature, digital fuel meter! Also has cruise control which works very effectively. The seats are very comfortable, the layout is good and has sensible compartments. The exterior is the main selling point of the 3 Series compact. The very elegant spot light headlights gives the front of the car a very exclusive modern look. The car has aged extremely well, no obvious signs of bodywork depreciation, the looks of the the boot of the compact had started to look a little dated but if you're not to worried about looks then it serves its purpose very well.

Performance and Economy

I have the 318ti model and it fares averagely with fuel consumption. When I drive conservatively I can average 32mpg. Normal day to day running is more like 30mpg. The 118ti is not the most powerful engine. It performs ok but is not built for speed. It will cruise at a nice average speed with no problems, just takes a little why to get up to the higher speeds

Like to Drive

The car is very comfortable and easy to drive, gear changes and ratios are very good. My car is 11 years old and has 100,000 miles but it has no knocks or rattles. Cruising at 70mph is so quiet and you can tell the build quality by this. <

Faults and Repairs

I have had minimal problems since purchasing the car. The central locking became faulty. Apparently this is a common fault with this age of BMW but can be fixed by obtaining a new actuator. Other than that there has been no faults.