BMW 3 Series Convertible 2007-2010

BMW 3 Series Convertible 2007-2010

Overall Rating:
Review by Bryan
Monday, May 16, 2016


"320 MSport Hardtop Convertible"

Exterior and Interior

Absolutely stunning car with the hardtop roof down and a really safe car with the top up too. Cream leather interior is hard to keep clean but this is a small thing really as its goes really well with the blue exterior.

Performance and Economy

Great, quite fast and good on petrol. usually does about 30mpg in town and 40-50mpg on long runs. For a sporty car this is definitely not too heavy on petrol.

Like to Drive

fantastic drive and really comfortable, holds to the road really well. I live in the country so the potholes can be quite sore on the suspension sometimes but nothing to be too worried about. Quite low down in the driving seat but again nothing to worry about. <

Faults and Repairs

Everything with my 320 has been tip top so far, no massive repairs bills and as with every other BMW I have owned this one is very very realiable.