BMW 3 Series Coupe 1999-2003

BMW 3 Series Coupe 1999-2003

Overall Rating:
Review by Boycie
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Excellent car"

Exterior and Interior

Brilliant interior very comfortable Exterior is good especially for a 13 yr old car Wings have slight rust just started to come through But that's age related Paintwork is excellent looks like a new car when it's washed

Performance and Economy

Excellent performance Not great on fuel can do about 400 miles to a full tank of petrol This is my main reason for changing it if it was a diesel I would keep it But due to fuel prices keep rising sadly got to get something more economical

Like to Drive

Very smooth acceleration is on the button every time Starts first time even in the cold Sticks to the road corners very well Loads of room inside Overall very comfortable to drive even on long journeys <

Faults and Repairs

Only fault I have had is MAF Sensor Which can be expensive but most good breakers will help you out