BMW 5 Series Touring 1993-1997

BMW 5 Series Touring 1993-1997

Overall Rating:
Review by gorts17
Monday, May 16, 2016


"I Love this car "

Exterior and Interior

I love everything about this car, it has very comfortable seats and everything else is positioned perfectly for a smooth journey. It has all the must have gadgets without over complicating things and exterior looks great, very stylish, very attractive body work and a great shape.

Performance and Economy

This car has never let me down and has great overall performance and is surprising just how economic it can be on fuel if driven correctly which is really easy to determine because of the gauges to assist you, always starts first time with no spits or splutters.

Like to Drive

This car is comfortable and an absolute pleasure to drive. It makes any journey a good one. I love motorway driving in this car it just seems to glide its so smooth very relaxing, unlike some of the other cars I have had the pleasure of driving. <

Faults and Repairs

Just general wear and tear nothing major, seems to be a little prone to rust around wheel arches and and had some minor problems with the electrics, but nothing too expensive to put right.