BMW 5 Series Touring 2004-2007

BMW 5 Series Touring 2004-2007

Overall Rating:
Review by BillyBoy
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Excellent Family Wagon"

Exterior and Interior

Looks excellent, especially if selecting the sports model with the subtle m-sport detailing and 18' alloy wheels. I especially like the headlights (angel eyes) and the LED running lights which look modern and are a decent safety feature.

Performance and Economy

The 2.0D doesn't struggle to move the bulk of the car, with 177bhp and plenty of torque. We have an auto, with steptronic option if you ever wanted it (we don't). As with all modern BMW's, it's perfectly adequate when pulling away from lights. Potentially a little breathless if fully loaded and going for a swift overtake, but that's a pretty rare event for us. Economy wise, average 35mpg around town but have achieved 50mpg on a long run.

Like to Drive

Lovely to drive, safe, fast enough, corners well. Hard suspension with m-sport springs. I like this, not so sure if I was a passenger though. Can drive very carefully and achieve good economy, or thrash it and achieve average economy - what's not to like about this?! <

Faults and Repairs

We have had none at all. Passed MOT 1st time. All we have had to do is replace tyres which I can't complain about.