BMW 8 Series Coupe 1990-2000

Overall Rating:
Review by JohnO
Monday, May 16, 2016


"So good I bought it twice!"

Exterior and Interior

The car was velvet purple Sport Individual with white leather and purple piping and the 18 xspoke split rims. Awesome! Typically BMW inside, with a very heavy feel. Sunroof was a nice touch but not really necessary. All toys with cruise, air con. But, no NAV on this age of vehicle.

Performance and Economy

Switchable auto box but although it has a V8 4.4 it was not super quick. But you don't buy it to be the quickest. You arrive in style. comfort and knowing its classic status is secured. Just a lovely car to drive. Economy was probably only 22mpg on average.

Like to Drive

BMW built this just as the bubble burst in the big coupe market in the early 90's. But it lasted and thank goodness! So much better and chic than its rivals. £80,000 new! So a total bargain second hand. Brakes are not so good because the car is so heavy. An upgrade on discs would be a good idea. I sold this car and bought it back a year later as I missed it so much... <

Faults and Repairs

No faults and BMW approved servicing is not expensive. The split rim alloys can corrode if not looked after. The car is very low, so the front end can catch on speed bumps.