BMW Alpina Saloon 2006-2007

BMW Alpina Saloon 2006-2007

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Review by happy
Monday, May 16, 2016


"what a dream"

Exterior and Interior

With its sleek lines, Alpina body kit and 19 inch alloys this car is every inch a drivers sports car with an excellent level of luxury. Packed with gadgets and easy to use on-board computer, it offers a build quality that is second to none. On entering the car and sitting in its more than ample cockpit, a single push of a button and the clutch depressed and the twin turbo powered engine ignites. When driving and the car hits second gear the power just keeps on giving ,up into third and once again the acceleration through the mid range is exhilarating and very smooth ,this car just seems to want to please really does!!!!

Performance and Economy

200bhp very quick and solid on the road ,sticks to the corners like a shadow. Even with the performance it still returns 45 mpg (approx)

Like to Drive

The Alpina is an absolute pleasure to drive,it just oozes quality and gives so much !! It really is nice to be able to be fortunate enough to own this rare breed. You really won't see another one of these on the road everyday. <

Faults and Repairs

There have been no faults at all with this car and with all the equipment that is incredibly impressive.