BMW Z4 Roadster 2003-2005

BMW Z4 Roadster 2003-2005

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Good looking car
  • Sportier drive than its predecessor the Z3
  • Advanced suspension


  • Gives a firm ride
  • Expensive to buy and run


The BMW Z4 replaces the Z3 and comes with a bigger, and considerably stiffer chassis. The rear suspension has also been modified and is based on the BMW E30 Z Series. This new suspension system uses multi link suspension instead of semi trailing arm suspension. It is a very stylish vehicle that offers all of the usual BMW class.

Exterior and Interior

The new BMW Z4 is a handsome two-seater roadster with a well equipped with a comfy cabin and tremendous seats that make the ride cool and comfortable. For taller drivers it may be a tight squeeze with not a lot of head and leg room available. The boot space is also a bit tight with barely enough room for a couple of duffel bags. The interior comes with the option of three different trim levels starting with the basic, followed by the SE and then the Sport trim. The Se is the most common Trim available on the second hand market so will be the easiest to find. There are the optional upgrades which include parking sensors, sat-nav and improved stereo systems and it is worth hunting for models with many extras as often theses car were often "full loaded".

Performance and Economy

The fuel economy rate is surprisingly high for the Z4 with the 2.0-litre managing 37mpg, the 2.5-litre gives up to 34.4mpg and 3.0-litre gives 32.8mpg. The 3.2-litre model returns 23mpg but delivers an impressive 338bhp. This is a quick sports car which will be enjoyable to drive.

Like to Drive

The Z4 provides the driver with sharp handling, incredible amounts of grip, especially in the corners and an overall amazing performance. With even the 4 cylinder engine giving you a seriously quick ride you will be impressed no matter what engine you choose. The ride can be a bit bumpy at times due to the stiff suspension but not uncomfortably so. Only the Sport suspension setup makes you wish you had softer suspension at times.

Faults and Repairs

The most common failure this model suffers with is ECU failure problems but most of these tend to fall within the warranty period. Rear tyres have life of only 12,000 miles depending on your driving style so may become a regular cost. The car tells you when it needs to be serviced so there is no worry about missing the servicing schedules.