Chevrolet Lacetti SW 2005-2011

Chevrolet Lacetti SW 2005-2011

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Decent stylish looks
  • Good value for money
  • Equipment level is good


  • Cabin refinement is low
  • Driving experience below expectations
  • No diesel engines available
  • The saloon is not practical enough


The Lacettis are available in estate, hatchback or saloon versions and provides a family car about the same size and a Ford Focus. The cars are quite stylish and offer practicality, value for money and a good amount of equipment.

Exterior and Interior

The car was designed by an Italian studio the italdesign so does display a degree of style. The car is slightly smaller than it's rival the Ford focus bur not significantly so. There hatchback comes with a lot of legroom for the driver and passengers as well as including a large boot space than can be increased by folding down the split folding rear seats. The cabin is laid out in a straightforward design with sufficient storage in the door bins, glove compartment and the centre armrest compartment. The seats are soft and comfortable over a short distance but over longer journey may prove to be less comfortable due to a lack of support. The drivers' seat also comes with adjustable positions. The two engine sizes come with different trim levels with the, 1.6-litre SX coming with all the basic necessities and also includes alloy wheels, electric windows and air conditioning. The 1.6 also comes with the optional automatic gearbox but we wouldn't recommend this as it decreases fuel economy by roughly 5mpg without providing a particularly smooth ride. The 1.4-litre comes with alloys, side airbags and air-con. Both of the cars do come with central locking, power steering and a CD player as standard so are quite well equipped.

Performance and Economy

The Lacetti gives good value for money as it has three year warranty, free servicing and recovery package which are quite generous. Even the insurance is not too expensive with the 1.4-litre model falling into groups 5 or 6 and the 1.6 falling into group 7. The Lacetti does perform fairly well when it comes to fuel efficiency with both engines coming in at around 40mpg. The resale value of the car will not be high due to the availability of alternative cars priced in the same range even though there may not be many Lacetti's on the market.

Like to Drive

The Lacetti's handling is nothing to write home about with the steering lacking any real feeling, a gearbox that could be a lot smoother and wind, road and engine noise being carried through to the cabin. The adjustable driving position does give the driver a comfortable ride but which can become uncomfortable on long drives. The saloon is safe and predictable to drive and the suspension focuses mainly on comfort rather than on handling agility and is thus able to handle bumps. However it does become upset on twisty and fast roads with the front tyres lose their grip in tight bends and body roll in the corners. In spite of the poor handling, the ride is smooth on rough roads due to insulation from potholes.

Faults and Repairs

Safety is maintained through passenger, driver and side airbags, but there is no stability control. For security, there is an immobilizer and central locking system. The servicing should be done regularly to get the best from the car. There is unlikely to be many problems with the engine or mechanicals as they are robust or with the electronics which are sophisticated.