Chrysler 300c Saloon 2005-2010

Chrysler 300c Saloon 2005-2010

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • The Chrysler 300C Saloon has got an incredible presence with powerful engines
  • It is a "large-bold" car with vast space
  • Provides high performance and a smooth drive


  • It is an expensive car to run
  • Repair cost are high
  • Has an uncomfortable low-speed ride.


Looking for a car that provides you with luxury comforts then the Chrysler 300C Saloon is up there with the best. The 300C offers all the latest comforts with superior performance.

Exterior and Interior

The 300C Saloon is a big and bold American styled car with stunning looks and an interior that was made to temp buyers with the large amounts of equipment available. The 300 provides heaps of space and will comfortably fit 5 adults with legroom to spare and a boot space big enough easily to hold a family's luggage. Both of the front seats are extremely comfortable as are the back ones apart from the middle back seat which is a bit harder than the other two. There are no trim levels to choose from for the 300 only lots of optional extra which will add to the overall luxury feeling of the car.

Performance and Economy

Economy wise the 3.0-litre diesel is the engine to go for even though it lacks the power provided by the petrol alternatives. The fuel efficiency of it is impressive for such a big car managing 34.9mpg which is 10mpg more than the 3.5-litre petrol. The 5.7-litre is surprisingly bad only managing 11mpg but which can be increased when cruising as several of the cylinders do shut down to save fuel. Insurance wise the diesel is also the cheapest as it falls into group 16 along with the 3.5-litre option.

Like to Drive

The 300C does feel like a big car when you are behind the wheel but not in an unwieldy fashion. It is well planted to the road with good grip even in the corners and perfectly controlled body roll. On rough roads the body control isn't great but nothing too serious. The power in the 5.7-litre V8 is very impressive, and if you can afford the fuel costs and like spending time in filling stations, then you will love this car. However the diesel is just as good to drive and makes more financial sense in the long run. The windscreen is small for a car of this size and with the big pillars framing all the windows visibility is limited which does cause problems.

Faults and Repairs

Although most Chryslers are poor when it comes to reliability, as yet, there have been no serious problems with the 300. The plastic interior does detract from the otherwise luxury feel of the vehicle, but this is very common in American based prestige vehicles. Be warned, if the car does need to be taken in for repairs or servicing then expect a large bill with Chrysler who charge a lot more at franchised dealerships than their rivals.