Citroen C2 Hatchback 2003-2008

Citroen C2 Hatchback 2003-2008

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Ideal design for the younger generation
  • Striking dynamics, and pointed looks that attract the customers easily
  • Reasonably priced


  • Tight space for passengers at the rear
  • Small boot space
  • Interior materials are cheap quality
  • Reliability issues


Citroens C2 3 door Hatchback is a great, fun car for young and enthusiastic drivers. It's nippy, handles well and has a striking design. Its low price and excellent fuel economy is another reason for this cars popularity, it's no surprise that it was voted the "Best European Hatchback 2003.

Exterior and Interior

The C2's sharp looks and modern design are aimed directly at the youth market. The use of 2 doors instead of 5, as in the C3, adds to this look making it more appealing to the youth. There is plenty of room up front for the driver and passenger, but the back seat space is minimal, not proving much legroom for rear passengers. The interior trims are made of poor quality materials compared to many of their rivals however this does help to keep the cost of the vehicle down making it more accessible to young drivers.

Performance and Economy

The smallest engine in the range the 1.1-litre petrol delivers 61bhp which is enough for driving around town but is a bit sluggish on the motorways. The 1.4-litre petrol delivers 74bhp making it more flexible than the 1.1-litre with it being able to handle faster speeds better. The 1.6-litre petrol comes in two sports models; the 110bhp VTR and the 123bhp VTS which are a lot quicker and sportier to drive but as a result fall into a much higher insurance group. The 1.4-litre turbo diesel produces 70bhp which is slightly slower to get going than the 1.4 petrol but has a greater pulling power. Of all the engines it also has the greatest fuel efficiency managing an impressive 68.9mpg. The two smaller petrol engines fair well with 47.9mpg with the two 1.6 sports engines bringing up the rear with 40mpg. All of the cars come with a manual gearbox as standard with the 1.4-litre petrol having the option of the sensodrive semi automatic gearbox. It is recommended to just stick with the fully manual gearbox as the sensodrive is problematic with the gear changes being jerky and ultimately the ride is spoilt.

Like to Drive

The driving position is great in the C2 with the driver having a good all round views. The steering is sharp around town but does tend to get dull at higher speeds. The suspension is a bit stiff but not uncomfortable until you end up on an extremely bumpy road which does transfer through to the cabin.

Faults and Repairs

Reliable has always been a word that isn't really associated with Citroen and the C2 is no exception with many reliability surveys showing them close to the bottom. The main problems found with the C2 tend to be mechanical with the rear brakes causing a few problems as they rend to stick as well as with the sensodrive gearbox. The good news though is that Citroen services and repair costs are fairly cheap compared to most rivals which will come as good news to younger drivers.