Citroen C4 Hatchback 2008-2010

Citroen C4 Hatchback 2008-2010

Overall Rating:
Review by esthermate
Monday, May 16, 2016


"fair to middling "

Exterior and Interior

A little cramped, and its not very plush. Definitely no wow factor to be had here but it does the job. The seats are comfy but not leather. The back seats seems cramped but the boot is fairly large. The doors are also too heavy

Performance and Economy

Could be better- not as efficient as I thought. It is quite powerful though on the welsh hills but I do wish it was a bit cheaper on the old diesel

Like to Drive

Not good- bumpy and definitely not smooth. It doesn't handle very well and the quality feels lacking. The view out of some of the windows is rubbish. It also feels really rickety and I really worry about it breaking down. Its only 4 years old and has 40,000 on the clock. <

Faults and Repairs

Gear box seems dodgy, and the tyres wear out quickly. The suspension is not very robust, and it failed its first MOT!