Citroen DS4 Hatchback 2011-2015

Citroen DS4 Hatchback 2011-2015

Overall Rating:
Review by MattOsprey
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Great car but one niggle"

Exterior and Interior

The car looks sleek and modern. The interior feels very high quality. The trim is high quality. The dash is able to change colour and even be turned off. This is great for night driving. The fog lights come on when you turn. If you turn left then the left fog light comes on until the steering is near to straight. This is a good feature when driving into blind areas.

Performance and Economy

The car I have is a very nippy automatic. Although it is only the 1.6 litre version, it moves quickly from a standing start. When you come to a stop, or under 5 mph the car goes in to economy mode. This turns off the engine until you need to move. It starts straight away with no lag at all. Overall I think I get 45 mpg.

Like to Drive

The car handles very well. The tyres that come factory fitted are Michelin. The wheels are 18 inch alloys and look great as they are big on a relatively small car. In the snow we have had recently, there have been no problems at all, and I live on a steep hill. <

Faults and Repairs

This is where I have had slight problems with the car. The first was when I parked my car and decided I was too near the car in front of me. So I decided to move the car. The engine re-started, but the car wouldn't move. As we were on holiday in Belgium at the time, this was a worry. It happened again under similar circumstances at traffic lights in London. I took it to Citroen to look at, they could find no fault. After a few more times having this problem, we have found that if you stop and take the key out, the car needs to power down before it will re-start sometimes. What you need to do is listen for the whirr of everything shutting down and then it will re-start.