Citroen Saxo Special Editions 1997-1999

Citroen Saxo Special Editions 1997-1999

Overall Rating:
Review by sb1056
Monday, May 16, 2016


"The Spree"

Exterior and Interior

The exterior is the most boring car I've ever had. The interior of the spree had blue seats with a very dull dash board. But the interior did keep together very well. Boot good size, bad leg room rear passengers and no room for driver and front passenger either. There are no luxuries, not even a self cancelling indicator.

Performance and Economy

It had a very quick acceleration in and around town up to 2nd gear then from there it just did nothing spectacular other than just drive. On motorway it stated shaking at 75mph, but it sat ok at 60mph. Economy wise it delivered about 40-45 MPG.

Like to Drive

It has a really bad seating position for a taller person which is very uncomfortable and didn't go back enough for me, handling was sufficient, it was easy to park, but the main issue was that it has poor breaks and a lumpy gear change. It is not nice to drive long distances as it gave me a bad back. It was also a boring drive. <

Faults and Repairs

The car used to have battery and alternator problem. The cambelt did wear out when I had it, but this is pretty normal on cars. Then for about a month, just before I was getting a new car it had problems starting.