Ferrari 360m Coupe 1999-2004

Ferrari 360m Coupe 1999-2004

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Usable as an everyday car
  • Superb handling
  • Stunning looks


  • Expensive maintenance costs
  • High running costs


The Ferrari 360 is a car of pure elegance and is available as either a Coupe or Convertible (Spider) model. Both versions are surprisingly spacious and extremely comfortable and are built with exquisite detailing and incredibly high quality materials through out. They are both equally good to drive but the Spider comes with the added benefit of you being able to hear the 3.6-litre V8 roaring behind you without any sound proofing to get in the way. It is also just as capable driving around town at slower speeds as it is flying down the motorway.

Exterior and Interior

The Coupe model is a stunning looking car and the Spider more so, especially when the roof is down. Both are constructed out of aluminium making them extremely light weight and the Spider comes with added stiffening brackets to keep the car rigid even with the roof down. The interior is surprisingly spacious with plenty of head and legroom and it comes with a space to store luggage in the bonnet and a small area behind the front seats for small items too. There isn't much other storage space in the cabin for small items though apart from a glove compartment in the dash. The seats are all leather as standard and are extremely comfortable and supportive. The Challenge Stradale comes with Alcantara covered sports seats instead. The cabin feels solid, is well constructed and uses the highest quality materials, nothing less than you would expect from Ferrari and the associated cost.

Performance and Economy

The standard 3.6-litre V8 is a superb engine propelling you from 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds. In return you will achieve 14mpg and that's when driving sedately, which is not going to happen often so realistically you'll be lucky to make it into double figures. The Challenge Stradale is even quicker thanks to its extra 25bhp which shaves half a second off the standard engines time from 0-62mph, but it also returns the same 14mpg. The manual gearbox is the better transmission to go for as the gear changes are slick and precise whilst the F1 paddle gearbox can be tricky to use at lower speeds. As you would expect the insurance costs are as expensive as they come with you having to stump up a huge premium too.

Like to Drive

The Ferrari 360 is sensational to drive with its perfect balance and stability thanks to the F1 styled underbody and the engine being mounted behind the cabin. You get the feeling of safety and control even when travelling at high speeds. The steering is just as good with pin point accuracy, weight and power assistance with the traction control helping to maintain never ending amounts of grip. The pure animalistic roar it makes as you push the engine to its full potential is intoxicating and will have you wishing you could drive it all day long just to hear it. The sound is even better in the Spider when you have the roof down. The only low point for this car is the fuel efficiency which will have you pulling into petrol stations long before you would want to and far too frequently.

Faults and Repairs

The 360 is far more reliable than the Ferrari's of old with there being very few problems to report, but this is only the case if it has been serviced regularly which for a car of this caliber and price needs to be done a lot more frequently. There have been a few recalls over the years so make sure that any work that needed to be done has been carried out. As for servicing and repairs, well let's just say that they will cost a lot, but if you are looking to buy a 360 chances are this isn't really going to deter you.