Ferrari 575m Coupe 2002-2005

Ferrari 575m Coupe 2002-2005

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • An excellent Ferrari which has an engine in the front
  • Comfortable ride with excellence
  • Produces a wonderful noise


  • Paddle gear transmission is terrible
  • Handling is a bit soft compared to other super cars


The Ferrari 575M Maranello is a two seater Grand Tourer that is in essence an updated 550 Maranello. The large V12 engine is incredibly fast with overwhelming amounts of power and torque that never seem to end. The handling unfortunately lets the 575M down and it feels loose when being pushed hard through corners.

Exterior and Interior

The 575 is a beauty of a car to look at and the interior is no different. As soon as you sit in the vehicle you will instantly feel the luxury that has been beautifully crafted. This car certainly is a beautiful machine, as you would expected when spending so much money on a car. The seats are incredibly comfortable even on the longest of drives with their tight figure hugging sides. Ferrari later introduced the 575 Superamerica which is a convertible version but was only brought in right before the 575 was phased out. The convertible adds a significant amount of weight to the car thanks to the mechanisms used for lowering the roof and the extra strength built into the structure. It is a thing of beauty to behold when the roof is retracted and the ectrochromic glass panel rotates 180 degrees to fit snugly on top of the boot.

Performance and Economy

The V12 engine in the 575M is impressive, producing tons of power at your finger tips. There is the option of two six speeds transmissions available, the standard manual or a semi-automatic F1 gearbox. The manual gearbox is excellent. However, the F1 paddle gearbox is clunky and takes some getting used to. It is better than the previous paddle gearboxes that have come before it. The V12 produces an impressive 515bhp and will thrust you from 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds. You will continue being pushed all the way to the top speed of 203mph, if you have the right road (not in the UK!) or race track and are brave enough to try it. The fuel consumption is poor coming in at 13mpg, however if you're looking at buying the 575 you are probably not going to be too bothered about economy. Just remember the high prices don't stop once you've purchased the car, it is incredibly expensive to maintain and service a Ferrari.

Like to Drive

The 575 is great to drive being an excellent Grand Tourer. It has excellent cruising ability which is essential for a classic GT. The handling in the corners can be a bit nerve racking especially at speed due to the loose steering and flimsy damping. Improvements were made in later models called the 575 Fiorano that fixed this and made the steering noticeably sharper. The ride is incredibly smooth with the suspension ironing out the bumps on all but the worst surfaces. However, at fast speeds there is some noticeable tyre noise which was slightly unexpected. The 575 is a great car just to drive though, be it through town, on the highway or down country lanes. It also feels nimble and not as bulky as you would expect. It is also great just to drive down the motorway at 70mph, you will love to drive this car at any speed and you are likely to get a lot of attention while doing so.

Faults and Repairs

Ferrari has improved the reliability of their cars over the years as they try to get rid of the stigma of Ferrari's constantly breaking down. The 575 definitely fits into the new age with their being no significant problems. As long as the car is serviced at regular intervals you shouldn't suffer and problems with the 575.