Ferrari 612 Coupe 2004-2010

Ferrari 612 Coupe 2004-2010

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Seats four comfortably
  • Exquisite handling
  • Extremely fast and comfortable


  • Ridiculously expensive
  • Steering lacks feeling


The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is a two door, four seater Grand Tourer that was designed as a replacement for the Ferrari 456M. The 612 has been criticized by almost every motoring journalist to have driven the car, but not because of its handling or comfort, but its looks. Strange as most of the public would seem to disagree with the 612 always being surrounded by a group of admirers taking pictures on their phones when parked, although this might just be due to the Ferrari badge on the front. I'm sure most people would admit that it may not be the prettiest Ferrari ever built but it's certainly not the ugliest with the 456M, the car it's replacing, not exactly winning any beauty contest either. The ride is one of the most comfortable in a Ferrari with the cabin being spacious in both the back and front. It is great to drive in either traffic or on the open road with it feeling a lot smaller and more like a small sports car on smaller twistier roads.

Exterior and Interior

The 612 Scaglietti has been criticized continuously by motor journalist about its looks as it tries to move away from the sharp straight lines of previous Ferrari's, but this was to be expected as any design changes to a company like Ferrari are always going to upset come of their loyal fans. The 612 is still a stunner though and comes with a full lightweight aluminium body which helps to improve the handling and increase the speed of it even when fully loaded. It is a true four seater with ample room in both the front and back for four people to sit comfortably. There is really no way that you can be uncomfortable in the 612 and it has to be one of the most, if not the most comfortable Ferrari available. There is also an HGTS and HGTC option pack which gives added performance and comes with ceramic brakes.

Performance and Economy

The redeveloped 575 Maranello's engine is phenomenal producing 540bhp and getting you from 0-62mph in an eye watering 4.2 seconds. This car will leave you (and your friends in the back) speechless. There is the option of either a full manual gearbox or a semi-automatic F1 style gearbox with there not being much of a difference between the two. The handling is exquisite either driving through town, on the motorway or mountain passes where the steering is sharp and precise and the ride smooth. It's in the mountain passes though where you are most likely to notice the difference between the standard 612 and the HGTS and HGTC option packs where the ceramic brakes come into their own keeping you on the road with ease giving you the feeling that they'll never fail. Don't expect the fuel economy to be cheap though as the 612 necks gallons of fuel at a rate of just over 13mpg. The insurance costs will also be exceedingly expensive but if you're considering the 612 you're probably more than capable of paying it. The good news is that if you were looking to buy a second hand 612 it works out a lot cheaper than buying it new as it will lose more than half its original value after three years.

Like to Drive

Although it's a large car the aluminium body helps to keep the weight down making the car feel nimble and easy to drive. It seems to shrink around you turning itself into a sports car rather than a large four seater GT. When travelling down narrow twisty roads it takes everything in its stride, daring you to go faster. There is absolutely no body roll to speak of with the ride being firm but not uncomfortably so. The redesigned exhausts are great as well giving a more stimulating and lovely roar sounding exactly how all V12's should.

Faults and Repairs

Ferrari have really improved the reliability of their cars over the past few years as they try to move themselves away from the stigma that Ferrari's were terribly unreliable. The 612 has not flagged up any problems as of yet and shouldn't do so if the latest cars are anything to go by. It will need servicing every 6000 miles though which will prove hideously expensive but that is to be expected.