Ferrari F430 Coupe 2005-2009

Ferrari F430 Coupe 2005-2009

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Amazing performance and handling


  • xcruciatingly expensive


The Ferrari F430 was designed to take the place of the F360 Modena which came as a surprise as there wasn't much wrong with it. The F430 has undergone quite a make over with only 30 percent of it coming from the F360. It comes with a new engine, gearbox, a new chassis and even new door mirrors. The styling is indicative of the F360 but it is in essence a ground up design. The F430 gives the public a chance of experiencing an F1 car without them actually getting into one as it comes with heaps of the gadgetry found in Ferrari's F1 cars.

Exterior and Interior

The F430 comes with much more dramatic and aggressive lines than its predecessor which add drama and a sporting appeal with the rear lights of the Enzo have also been used for inspiration with them rising above the bodywork and the nose has also been more aggressively styled. As you would expect the interior is phenomenal coming with everything you are every going to need and with little extra's taken from the F1 car to help give you that sporty feeling when inside. There is also space behind the two seats for luggage as well as a little bit of room under the bonnet for small items. There is also the option of a Spider version which is identical in every way apart from the convertible roof that disappears into a space above the engine bay.

Performance and Economy

The 4.3-litre V8 produces 483bhp hurling you from 0 to 60 in just 4 seconds and if you can find a long enough stretch of road with no speed limit, in other words Germany, will reach a top speed of 196mph. The handling is precise with an extremely comfortable ride and the traction is incredible thanks to the F430's electronically controlled differential. Economically wise the F430 just manages 15mpg, but then chances are if you're considering any Ferrari you're not really worried about the fuel efficiency. The choice between the manual and semi-automatic paddle gearbox isn't as straight forward as it used to be as the paddle gearbox is actually the better one to have in the F430 as it changes gears quicker than ever before thanks to some tinkering by the F1 mechanical team.

Like to Drive

The first time you drive the car it'll blow your mind leaving you breathless and giddy with excitement. This car is immense with its perfect handling, well balanced steering, comfortable ride and the added bonus of having F1 technology in it so you will not be disappointed. The sound of the exhaust burbling away behind you when idle will send shivers down your spine in anticipation of what's to come. The Ferrari V8 engine gives an awesome performance delivers a heart racing acceleration which is matched only by the magnificent soundtrack that accompanies you as you fly along. The F430 gives you all the driving pleasure of its predecessors with a new improved manner and perfection. The balance and poise is superb it all due to mid engine layout.

Faults and Repairs

As with most Ferrari's nowadays they are turning into extremely reliable cars with almost no problems to speak of. As long as they are cared for and are serviced every 6000 miles they are unlikely to go wrong nothing should ever go wrong with them.