Fiat Grand Punto Hatchback 2006-2009

Fiat Grand Punto Hatchback 2006-2009

Overall Rating:
Review by BodyRoxz
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Value for money"

Exterior and Interior

The exterior has a very sporty image, with the 17' alloy wheels with low profile tires, bumpers and side skirts, lowered ride height, fornt fog lights and stainless steel exhaust tailpipe. I feel there is too much solid color and not enough to break up the car. The interior: there is a lot of plastic trim pieces. The dashboard, door cards, center console and just about everything you touch is made of a cheap feeling plastic. Fiat have tried to add a touch of class by adding a plush leather handbrake leaver, gear knob/gator and steering wheel however this has started to peel of quite badly. The seats are quite comfortable around town and hug you just enough but on long journeys the seats start to become very uncomfortable. There is a fair amount of equipment on this model such as: cd/mp3 with 2 usb ports in the glove box which is very good sounding, built in hands free kit, air con, traction control (ESC), trip computer, city steering mode, electric windows and cd/mp3 and phone controls on the steering wheel. The rear leg room is OK for a 3 door small hatchback, you can get 2 full size adults in there. The boot is very spacious for a car of this size.

Performance and Economy

There is plenty of power in this car, with a 131bhp 1.9 turbo diesel engine which revs up to 4200 RPM. The car really gets of the line when you put the hammer down and continues to pull strong through every gear. The economy of this car is good for the power which you would simply not get with a petrol car of equivalent spec. 42mpg average around town and short journeys and roughly 55mpg on a motorway/A road however this rapidly drops with some 'spirited driving', I have seen 11mpg at one point. The car handles very very well, it will go around corners at very high speeds and hang on extremely well.

Like to Drive

The car lacks a lot of feel. The steering and brakes are numb, there is no feedback as to what the front wheels are actually doing, this is due to electric steering. The car does have a sporty feeling, with the firm ride and power. <

Faults and Repairs

The ride quality is not that good, the suspension is way to firm and the low profile tires do not help. If you drove over a jaffa cake you risk breaking your back.