Ford Escort Estate 1990-2001

Ford Escort Estate 1990-2001

Overall Rating:
Review by ronisdui
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Amazing and very nice"

Exterior and Interior

Nice body with a very comfortable interior. The shape of the car permits it to by driven fast and it sticks to the road. For a car designed in 1995 it still looks good as the curved shape is now are back in style.

Performance and Economy

Good performance as the official manufacturer stats show and it's economical too for the first few years. I found that after about 3 years the fuel consumption started to increase.

Like to Drive

It handles very nicely and is good to drive. It's relaxing and feels very safe when your driving it. Doesn't matter if you have this car to drive around the city, to do the school run or to sit on the motorway for a good few hours, you will feel a joy and a pleasure that is hard to describe in words. <

Faults and Repairs

It had some electrical problems from the factory. The electric window switch burns fast but got changed under warranty. After that the main AC switch started to play up.