Ford Fiesta Hatchback Special Editions 2006-2008

Ford Fiesta Hatchback Special Editions 2006-2008

Overall Rating:
Review by rooster
Monday, May 16, 2016


"A great Car "

Exterior and Interior

A great, spacious car with a lot to offer. Being a special edition it has sleek bodywork and some great features that I have grown to think, how did i ever get on without them? - Heated Windscreen - Electric folding mirrors - Built in Bluetooth in the stereo - which is a high spec Sony one as standard and includes an 'aux' socket by the gear stick. - Alloy Wheels - Voice Control for phone, radio, cd.

Performance and Economy

The car performs very well, it has the oomph to pull away well and is light enough to maintain it- despite the fact it is a relatively low powered car compared to some of its 1.6 and even 2.0l friends. Fuel economy is pretty good, at current 2013 prices a full tank is about £45 and this lasts well, as long as you are not thrashing it too much.

Like to Drive

The car handles well, it has ABS which has proved very good in the great British weather. It handles corners very well and has wide tyres so holds the road firmly. The stereo can be set so it automatically adjusts the volume level depending on engine noise etc. <

Faults and Repairs

No major issues, since having it the stereo has been changed for a new one under the warranty because it intermittently would not switch on when starting the car- nothing else really.