Ford Focus Estate 2011-2014

Ford Focus Estate 2011-2014

Overall Rating:
Review by baldrick69
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Disappointing economy"

Exterior and Interior

The exterior is not the prettiest but not ugly either. One thing I didn't notice at the show room is that a good part of rear bumper on the estate is black plastic not colour-coded which looks cheap, especially on a light coloured car.

Performance and Economy

Economy was the main reason a bought the car. I down-sized from a 2.0 diesel to a 1.6 but the gain in economy is minimal.

Like to Drive

Fairly sluggish engine - would be acceptable if you got great mpg - but you don't. Another annoyance is the lack of knee room on the drivers side. My car has the Ford Sync which allows bluetooth connection to phone for calls, music etc. It seems that very few mobiles (mine included) don't work properly with it. <

Faults and Repairs

None. Although I did take it in because the radiator cooling fan sometimes stays on full blast after a short during. Turns out that's by design to help reduce emissions - be nice if Ford told you that.