Ford Focus Saloon 2001-2004

Ford Focus Saloon 2001-2004

Overall Rating:
Review by focus53
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Blue Velvet"

Exterior and Interior

The colour is ink blue metallic and the interior is grey a very good combination and an absolute pleasure to clean and admire her gleaming. Has kept very comfortable even after all the miles she has done fully loaded with passengers and luggage.The driving position is extremely good and with the armrest very relaxing.

Performance and Economy

The performance of the 1.8tdci engine has been extremely good and very economical at an average of 50mpg. She has been performing very very well for all the 495,000 miles she has done and still going strong. She has got very good pulling power even when she is fully loaded.

Like to Drive

She is an absolute pleasure to drive and very comfortable. I have had her from new and I have never had a bad mile with her. We have been together now for nearly 10 years and travelled 495,000 miles in that time and I have never had any aches or pains after driving her even after some days doing over 500 miles. <

Faults and Repairs

I have never had to replace the exhaust it is still the original even after 495,000 miles and only had one new clutch in all that time. She is serviced every 10,000 miles because I have always been a believer that prevention is better than cure. My mechanic has always said that Fords are very good to work on and parts are easy to obtain. I cannot fault my Ford Focus and to be honest I think I will cry when I have to part with her.