Ford Galaxy Estate 2000-2006

Ford Galaxy Estate 2000-2006

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Review by Roadtrip family
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Family workhorse"

Exterior and Interior

Our 54 plate is 10 years old now and the exterior paintwork is still shiny. The interior cloth upholstery is also in good nick, no signs of wear on the drivers seat despite the 186,000 miles it's been sat in.

Performance and Economy

after regular servicing, it still returns 50 mpg on a long run. 34 around town. At this age and mileage you expect performance to decrease, and I've discovered that if you use inlet manifold cleaner to clean the AFM, Air inlet manifold and Turbo you can restore the accelaration back to new.

Like to Drive

Always been a pleasure to drive. Light steering, light clutch and good brakes (again if you keep them all serviced). We had to replace the Dual mass flywheel and clutch at 155k miles, brakes every 20k miles after that. Brakes would last longer if I used Ford pads I'm sure. <

Faults and Repairs

For the mileage you expect things to go wrong. The engine is a tank and will go on to 250k miles (because its the Audi 1.9 TDI), everything else will wear out with time and our Galaxy has not had parts wear out excessively, just normally.