Ford Ka Hatchback 2009-2013

Ford Ka Hatchback 2009-2013

Overall Rating:
Review by kathcake
Monday, May 16, 2016


"The KA is a good runner for the beginner driver "

Exterior and Interior

The new model of the KA is stylish and could be seen as a mini Ford Fiesta. The back does resemble a bug slightly but this is a unique characteristic. The inside is small but not too bad. There's not much storage space for your CDs which is a shame and there's no fancy gadgets. The only thing included is power steering. The gear stick is rather high which would make transferring from a normal car to this one a learning process.

Performance and Economy

The car is a good runner, but seems to guzzle through petrol and normally needs filling up over 2 times a month. It takes a while to get going on hills but general driving it picks up speed quite quickly.

Like to Drive

The car is easy to drive although the gear stick does catch sometimes, but as they say if you can't find it grind it! As it's quite small you'll find parking pretty easy and you can get in most spaces with no problems. The steering is really light so it's not difficult to drive. <

Faults and Repairs

I haven't had any faults with the car in three years. It's a really good runner and fantastic for a starter car.