Ford S Max Estate 2006-2010

Ford S Max Estate 2006-2010

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Sporty design
  • Feels brilliant to drive
  • Plenty of space for most passengers
  • A great alternative for those who don't want a full size MPV
  • High-quality interiors that are well designed


  • Electric items can have problems during the ownership
  • Some models have reported loose trim although this is not common
  • Strange steering clunks on some models


The Ford S-Max (06-) MPV fits in nicely between the C-Max and the Galaxy by providing 7 seats in a MPV that is different from most of the competition. As a 7 seater the car works well and most people will find it easy enough to get in and out of. The first two rows of seats are perfect for anybody, children or adults. The third row however is really only suitable for children unless the journey is short. Depending on the needs of the owner the S-Max can tick most boxes without having to be the size of its bigger brother, the Ford Galaxy.

Exterior and Interior

Both new and used petrol versions of the Ford S-Max are cheaper to buy but more expensive to run. It is worth looking at the amount of miles you are likely to drive each year though as the petrol model may work out cheaper in the long run. The cheapest model of S-Max (06-) MPV is the one with a petrol engine. The two 2.0-litre diesel engines, 140bhp and 160bhp give a mpg return of 44mpg and 38.7mpg. Both these engines have a mileage better mpg than the 2.0-litre petrol engine that gives 34.8mpg. Most of the engines variants are in fairly low on insurance categories and will not cost too much each year. However, the 2.2-litre 200bhp diesel and the 2.0 240bhp petrol will cost more and go up to insurance group 14.

Performance and Economy

The S-Max is an MPV that wants to be driven, it handles corners with ease and the steering responds exactly how you would want it to. Even with the good handling the car is still comfortable to drive, it hides bumps in the road well without giving anything in the handling department.

Like to Drive

The Ford S-Max seems to have a divide when it comes to the common faults. Many owners are very pleased with their vehicle and have experienced little to no problems, others seems to have had quite a few different issues. The most important issue that should be checked for are the brake pedals showing excessive stiffness. This was an issue that should have been fixed with a recall so you should check it has been completed. Electrical issues then become the most common problems; the diesel engines sometimes will cut out among other issues. There have also been some complaints about the wear on the trim. Build quality also seems like it may have been an issue on some of the S-Max's.

Faults and Repairs