Ford Scorpio Saloon 1995-1999

Ford Scorpio Saloon 1995-1999

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • A big and impressive car
  • A superb vehicle in the price bracket of under £1000
  • Great level of comfort throughout
  • Decent luggage space, especially in the estate version


  • Prone to rust
  • Wobbly suspension, especially at high speeds
  • Prepare a good response for the endless "ugly car" jokes


It is often called the Ford that doesn't look like a Ford. It depends where you stand ‐ it you're not a big fan of Ford design, you might actually like the Scorpio. However, the Scorpio is constantly making appearance in various "Top 10 Ugliest Cars" lists. For people who don't mind the controversial design, it's just an opportunity to purchase a large cheap car. After it was discontinued Ford left the executive size car market and hasn't returned since.

Exterior and Interior

It's not worth getting into too much detail about the exterior design of the car. Its front end is different but overall it is an elegant car, especially in dark colour. If you can see past the controversial front-end of the car, you'll realise that it is a well-proportioned executive car that you can afford for a fraction of the price that you'd pay for any other car of this size. You are bound to like the interior of the Scorpio. Both in the saloon and estate version it provides excellent comfort and loads of space for 5 people and their luggage. Thanks to its length and clever layout, there's plenty of legroom. It has a superb driving position and ergonomically placed controls that you can reach intuitively.

Performance and Economy

Because of its controversial design, you can pick up a Scorpio for less than £500. If you get lucky and find an example with less than 120,000 miles on the clock, you are in for a treat. Fuel economy is actually good for a car this big. The top of the range Cosworth will achieve 25mpg while the 2.3-litre engine will deliver 31mpg. The diesel is capable of 35mpg but it's not the most popular choice even among the diesel enthusiasts. The older generation engines that still feature 2 valves per cylinder cannot provide fuel efficiency to match modern cars. They've been around since the 1970s and are lacking both in power and economy.

Like to Drive

It is a bit jerky at high speeds but very comfortable to drive in the city. The dimensions of the car will need getting used to as it is an unusual size. The suspension is a bit funny and it can sometimes feels like your sailing in a boat rather than driving along a road. Overall, the Scorpio is enjoyable to drive and you'll soon learn to appreciate the comfort and quality of this car.

Faults and Repairs

Given the number of the Scorpios made and considering it's an old car, any mechanic who knows what they're will be able to fix your Scorpio. Much of the platform and many parts were borrowed from the previous generation of the Scorpio, which means that spare parts are equal to their scrap metal prices. The Ford engines are reliable, and the little bits that go wrong are usually easy to repair. It's worth checking underneath the car because it suffered with rust as did most old Fords. Another point to check is the suspension.