Honda Civic Hatchback 1996-2001

Honda Civic Hatchback 1996-2001

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Monday, May 16, 2016


"Very economical "

Exterior and Interior

It's a quite small car and it's not best family car, there is average space in the back for 2 passengers. Interior is not superb quality, but also it doesn't rattle on dents and doesn't feel like cheap plastic. Seats are quite comfortable for longer journeys. Dashboard is easy to read and simple

Performance and Economy

For a 1.5 litre engine car could be nippier than it is, but it's very economical. I drove from Oxford to Edinburgh and back which was about 700 miles each way and I paid only £65 for petrol, believe it or not! The ride is smooth and car absorbs small shocks pretty well for small car

Like to Drive

It rides very light, steering wheel feels light and responsive. Suspension is quite soft so it tends to lean in turns if you go fast. I love the gear shifter in these cars as it is very smooth and soft in gear changing. Driving 70- 80miles per hour on motorway you feel quite safe <

Faults and Repairs

The only real problem I got with this car was massive loss of performance, which turned out as catalytic converter problem in exhaust. It also was the fault for my girlfriends car with the same model