Honda Civic Hatchback 2000-2005

Honda Civic Hatchback 2000-2005

Overall Rating:
Review by TinaM
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Great "

Exterior and Interior

Simple, smart and all the essentials. Not leather seats but the finish is good, dashboard looks stylish, speedo has a sporty look, air con as standard, stereo is not bluetooth but gives a good sound on the radio and CD.

Performance and Economy

Gives good overall performance, fast pull away when needed, smooth and very economical. I am regularly getting 45 miles per gallon. All that you would expect from a Honda.

Like to Drive

It is a very comfortable drive, gives a good feeling of safety in all weather. Smooth and has pulling power when needed at junctions etc. I drive over 500 miles a week and this car makes it bearable. <

Faults and Repairs

None at all. It is reliable, economical on servicing and has passed MOT's with no problems at all. Air con refill was not expensive either.