Honda Integra Coupe 1997-2001

Honda Integra Coupe 1997-2001

Overall Rating:
Review by henners
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Cheap fun and rare "

Exterior and Interior

Looks OK, the front lights look a bit ugly but it grows on you. Rear spoiler blocks the glare from lights at night but also any fuzz who might be on your tail. Functional interior, well designed and laid out.

Performance and Economy

High twenties economy, not bad for the performance and on a journey over 30 possible, screams a bit as no sixth gear but for B roads nothing better.

Like to Drive

Very responsive accurate handling, one of the best fwd cars, not too understeery thanks to the lsd and the engine will never get old, running it to the almost 9k redline. Lots of interior space but not in the rear seats unfortunately unless you are very small or have no legs.. <

Faults and Repairs

No real faults apart from a worn clutch, just normal wear and tear, very well made. Watch out for worn bolster and rust around wheel arches.