Honda Jazz Hatchback 2008-2015

Honda Jazz Hatchback 2008-2015

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Monday, May 16, 2016


"A great little runner..."

Exterior and Interior

Good exterior, I like the way that the nose is so short to maximize cabin space while safety is maintained. Only gripe is that it could do with a few more features as standard as is far less well equipped than many cheaper rivals.

Performance and Economy

Acceleration is what you would expect from a small 1.4 engine – noting to write home about, but acceptable none the less. Fuel economy is fantastic – I normally average 50+ mpg, only dropping below this occasionally.

Like to Drive

The chassis is much stiffer then the previous model and you can feel it in the handling – it’s not what you would call exciting, but it’s engaging enough and absolutely fine for the type of car it is. <

Faults and Repairs

The only issue I have had is that the handbrake needed tightening. No other problems experienced what so ever.