Honda S2000 Roadster 1999-2008

Honda S2000 Roadster 1999-2008

Overall Rating:
Review by monk360
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Vtec Revving Heaven"

Exterior and Interior

The interior is basic but that's all you need when the car is this fun to drive. The only things I've felt the need to change are to add a hands free Bluetooth kit and iPod connectivity. It's very comfortable for a car of this type although noisy on the motorway, due to the wonderful close ratio gearbox at 80 ish mph revs are nudging 5000.

Performance and Economy

Performance is EPIC. The 9200 RPM and the claimed 5.4 seconds from 0-62 time are so addictive (I think its more like 6 seconds to be honest). This however results in economy of about 25-28 mpg which I suppose isn't bad. This car was never going to be cheap to run but who cares when its this much fun!

Like to Drive

Great fun. It's very lively in the wet or in the dry if you've got a heavy foot. It doesn't need to be driven everywhere at 100mph+ to be fun. The noise is awesome top up or down and its always egging you on to rev it harder and harder. I love this thing! <

Faults and Repairs

Mine is Indy Yellow Pearl. It's a pain if you bump it or you need to get car park dings repaired as the colour is so hard to match. Other than that it has been faultless. Servicing is cheap as nothing ever goes wrong.