Hyundai i10 Hatchback 2011-2013

Hyundai i10 Hatchback 2011-2013

Overall Rating:
Review by Thaisa
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Fantastic, economical, stylish"

Exterior and Interior

The exterior body is a neat, compact, stylish look. While outside the car looks small, the inside is very roomy, enough to get my rottie and huskey in there. The instrument panel is basic, but neatly styled. Two 12v accessory plugs, one right near the handbrake, so hoovering the dog hair of the back seat is a breeze! Boot space is not overly big but enough to get my shopping in. I cannot find one fault to this car, I simply love it.

Performance and Economy

Great performance, very speedy, but not the sort of speed for a boy racer. I'm female and I have no issues with the way this car moves, especially when it overtakes a BMW. Economy wise? £20 a year road tax, petrol. Wow, I do a reasonable short 3 mile drive to work, but I live in a very busy town. To get to my destination, what would normally take me 10 minutes in the school holidays can take me 40 minutes normally, which is a lot of stop-start. I pay £35 to fill this car with petrol, and considering to and back from work, social events and weekend shopping, I would normally only need to refill this after 3 and half weeks.

Like to Drive

I do not notice any bumpy rides from this car. It's comfortable to sit in. The gear box is very smooth and gear change is very free flowing. It has a very quiet sounding engine that almost sounds like it is off at the traffic lights. <

Faults and Repairs

Not had the car long, so nothing to report on as yet, but I feel pretty confident with this car. Under the bonnet looks in good order, easy to maintain fluid levels. Not overly confident with the tyres so may change these soon.