Hyundai Tucson Estate 2004-2008

Hyundai Tucson Estate 2004-2008

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Monday, May 16, 2016


"Front wheel drive. Needs a bit of work"

Exterior and Interior

It is a 5 seater with loads of room in the car, soft material inside. It failed the MOT twice which was very minor. One was front number plate needed changing, other was back tyre worn and the handbrake twice.

Performance and Economy

It pulls away nicely. Very smooth to drive. I have been going to Devon in this car since 2005 and never had any problems with it whats so ever. It takes on a full tank £70 and that will get me to Devon and it takes about £40 to fill on the way back.

Like to Drive

It is very nice and smooth and drives very well. My car has a manual gearbox and is good on fuel, which is petrol. It's a lovely family car that has a good size boot. It has had its oil change this year and it always starts first time and the weather doesn't bother it at all. I like this car, I've had this car since 2005 and its never let me down. <

Faults and Repairs

Faults: two new wing mirrors, scratches on the bumper. Inside the heating and airbag light has come on. It has also needed two new back tyres.