Jaguar X Type Saloon Special Editions 2003 - 2005

Jaguar X Type Saloon Special Editions 2003 - 2005

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Review by Devon jag
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Mondeo in a posh coat!"

Exterior and Interior

Metallic blue with full cream interior leather trim. Air con, heated seats drivers seat fully adjustable with electrics. CD radio with 6 CD changer in the boot. 18' alloys with full 18' alloy spare. Rear parking sensors, auto wiper and headlight sensors. Electric windows front and rear, auto door locks above 5 mph. Heated front and rear screens and front seats.

Performance and Economy

Despite being 9 years old and 120,000 miles, still returns almost 50 mpg extra urban and around 40 mpg urban. Not the fastest beast on the road but still pulls in 4th & 5th gears when overtaking, still manages 110 mph. Full tank indicates approx 645 miles.

Like to Drive

Relatively quiet for a diesel but the low profile 18' wheels do not give a smooth bump free ride and enhance road noise. Dash is extremely user friendly with more clear written alerts than you can shake a stick at - low washer level, fuel level etc. excellent cruise control especially handy for those long stretches of roadworks on motorways with average speed cameras. My job entails lots of driving to consult with customers, returning mileage claims of 25p per mile just about covers my business mileage costs. Road tax is less than a 1.4 Fiesta at £145 for 12 months. <

Faults and Repairs

There are far too many minor problems which will indicate the dreaded glow plug warning light and initiate limp home mode for my liking, fault codes when analysed are too generic and not specific. I had a spate of turbo faults over a 6 month period, eventually my friendly mechanic who services it for me tried flushing the turbo with a chemical called Innotec, took 1 hour labour costs about £100 including chemical, fault in turbo cured saving £1000 for a new one. Tyres can be pricey but don't opt for budget ones it's a false economy, reasonable to expect to pay about £110 a tyre not bad for 18' low profiles. Gets through discs as I live in a remote village with narrow roads and constant braking etc. although basically a Mondeo 2.0 TDC engine and chassis, the parts are ridiculously priced when ordering genuine Jaguar parts, this to me is the biggest single downside to owning the X Type, (new headlight unit costs nearly £500 as it failed MOT because the height adjuster drive was broken). I paid £700 for a new clutch at 110000 miles - pricey, but the mileage reflected good value from the old one. Disappointed that the radio cluster features a telephone hands free system as standard yet pre-2006 models weren't factory fitted with a Bluetooth facilty, another advertising con. In a nutshell nice when new, Jaguar style, Mondeo performance, expensive to maintain and repair standard parts. An experience though, glad I owned one overall.