Jaguar XJ Series Saloon 1996 - 1997

Overall Rating:
Review by Alexander L
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Affordable luxury"

Exterior and Interior

A beautiful car inside and out. The double headlamps, curved bonnet and the low roofline make it look aggressive and agile. The interior is high quality but the passengers might be a little disappointed because there's not that much space at the back. Despite the enormous length of the car, the low roof means that the passenger seats are placed quite awkwardly. It is definitely a driver's car.

Performance and Economy

Although it had the smallest of the Jaguar's engines, it had a reasonable amount of power. Acceleration with the manual gearbox was really impressive. Not a very economical car but 25 - 27mpg is realistically achievable. It is more affordable than people think but it also depreciates quicker than other cars.

Like to Drive

It's lush and smooth. It's exactly what you expect from a Jaguar. The independent rear suspension does its job perfectly, you don't really feel the vibration even on shoddy roads. What you also tend not to feel is the steering - the Jaguar's power steering is rather unresponsive. It was designed to be comfortable and effortless and it doesn't take a lot of effort to drive one of these. The Getrag manual gearbox was amazing - felt like you're really in control. You cannot get a Jaguar with a manual gearbox any more so the old XJ is a good way of enjoying driving the way it should be. <

Faults and Repairs

I didn't have any serious issues, however, it doesn't really need a serious issue for the repair bill to run into uncomfortable figures. Parts are very expensive and so is labour. It is a high-maintenance car. Keeping the light leather interior in a good nick is especially difficult.