Jaguar XK Series Coupe 2006 - 2008

Jaguar XK Series Coupe 2006 - 2008

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Monday, May 16, 2016


  • Sophisticated image
  • Wonderful engines
  • It is nimble and fast with excellent handling
  • Superbly refined


  • The rear seats are useless
  • Costly to run
  • Shallow boot


The Jaguar XK is a dream car to drive with good looks and a luxury interior that is second to none. It is a cheaper alternative to the Porsche 911 or Aston Martin Vantage but competes admirably against these two. The XK comes as either a coupe or convertible with both being equally good with responsive steering and sharp breaks, class leading safety features and immense V8 engines. Altogether the Jaguar XK it is an incredibly appealing sports coupe.

Exterior and Interior

The new XK proves that jaguar is moving with the times as it offers sleek and aggressive styling that are appealing to both older and younger drivers. Jaguar haven't sacrificed anything by doing this as the build quality and interior quality are just as refined as you would expect from Jaguar. The XK comes as a coupe or convertible with both being identical apart from the fold down fabric roof of the convertible. The body is made entirely out of aluminium making the car extremely light and strong. The convertible also has a fabric roof instead of the more common metal roof so Jaguar has saved weight there too. The interior is luxurious to say the least with a touch screen sat-nav leaving the dash clutter free. The seats in the front are extremely comfortable with load of space, although the same cant be said for the seats in the back. You can't really call them seats though as there is no way you could fit any one other than a very small child in there, so it's more of an extra storage area for when the boot is full. The boot is large compared to its rivals at 300 litres, with only the BMW 6 series having more room. The convertibles boot does become smaller when the top is down but that is to be expected and you can still fit a fair amount in it. The cubbyhole is fairly large and the middle console in-between the two front seats is deep and can hold a few water bottles.

Performance and Economy

The original 4.2-litre V8 engines were powerful to begin with but with the introduction of the new 5.0-litre Jaguar took everything to a whole new level. The original engines produced 300bhp in the normally aspirated engine and 420bhp in the turbocharged R version. The new 5.0-litre engines produce 380bhp in the normally aspirated engine and 503bhp in the turbocharged R version. The fuel economy stays almost exactly the same although the 5.0-litre engines may even be slightly more fuel efficient achieving 25.2mpg in the 380bhp engine and 23mpg in the supercharged engine. The 6 speed automatic gearbox is exceptionally smooth and Jaguar have really worked on the manual mode gear changes making them quicker than a standard manual or a dual clutch gearbox. The insurance bills are going to be high, but will be cheaper than their Porsche and Aston Martin rivals.

Like to Drive

The XK is a dream to drive with responsive braking and sharp steering. This XK handles the corners better than its predecessor did feeling light and nimble in the corner and is easy to handle at high speeds thanks to its weight saving aluminum body. The automatic gearbox makes driving through town a doddle as well allowing you to enjoy just being in the XK. The drivers' seat and steering wheel can be adjusted according to your specific needs making it extremely comfortable to drive. The convertible is just as good with no body roll or shake on rough roads and there is no wind buffeting when the roof is down. There is almost no wind or road noise entering the cabin even in the convertible, however, with the larger alloy's you do get some tyre noise coming through on rougher roads. The sound of the engine does carry though to the cabin, but that certainly isn't a bad thing with the engines and exhausts being tuned to provide a sporty note. The Jaguar is cheaper than the Porsche or Aston Martin equivalents, but it certainly gives them a run for their money.

Faults and Repairs

There are only a few things to keep your eye on with the XK. Electrics occasionally have a mind of their own with the keyless entry not working, the battery going flat for no apparent reason and the engine management light coming on. The aluminium body panels are fairly cheap to repair and can be done at any skilled aluminum body shop. Repair costs and services at Jaguar main dealerships are expensive though so it's worth searching around for cheaper specialist garages if the car is out of warranty.