Kia Car Reviews

As South Korea’s second-largest automobile manufacturer, Kia’s constant production of cars throughout their history has cemented their place in the global auto industry market. With design identified as their ‘core future growth engine’ and emphasis placed on this in each car built - as well as the appointment of Tom Kearns as Chief Design Officer from Volkswagen - Kia have created a great range of affordable and aesthetically pleasing family cars, SUVs and crossovers. Their focus and development in recent years is a true testament to the meaning of Kia - to ‘rise out of Asia’.


Kia’s reputation within the European auto market has improved thanks to their evolvement and improvements in build quality. While once viewed as producing ‘disposable’ cars with a cheapness about them, Kia have worked extremely hard in improving and maintaining their authority in producing cars for a wide-ranging audience. In 2015, Kia recorded their best ever quarterly and half-year sales in the company’s history in the European market, and the Cee’d, Picanto and Rio are just some of the popular models available from our vast database.

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