Kia Sorento SW 2003 - 2006

Kia Sorento SW 2003 - 2006

Overall Rating:
Review by Betty
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Great Car"

Exterior and Interior

Pleasing to look at. Comfortable well equipped interior. Seats very comfortable for long journeys and give good back support. Large boot space increased when back seats folded down. Plenty of storage space. Paintwork good. Bonnet stone deflector well worth purchasing as an extra.

Performance and Economy

Good work horse engine but also had a turn of speed when required. Great for towing. Average economy.

Like to Drive

Seats easily adjusted giving good lumbar support on long journeys. Holds the road and corners well, giving you a great confidence when driving. Reasonably light on the steering. All controls accessible. <

Faults and Repairs

No major faults. Regular servicing costs, with brake replacements and tyres etc. Has never needed a new exhaust. Had to replace the battery once.