Land Rover Discovery 3 SW 2004 - 2009

Land Rover Discovery 3 SW 2004 - 2009

Overall Rating:
Review by Nic
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Magnificence, practicality and reliability on wheels "

Exterior and Interior

Spacious and flexible. Comfortable seating and exceptionally practical - especially for children. Well specc'd with good lighting, driver aids and nice things like multi-zone air conditioning. Great stereo with in-dash multi changer. A nice place to be!

Performance and Economy

It's a big old beast to move around but it doesn't wallow or roll around like some other cars in the same class. It accelerates well and cruises along very comfortably. Although its a big car, and has a reputation for poor MPG, we have usually achieved around 36MPG which we've been pleasantly surprised with.

Like to Drive

Its a comfortable, reliable car and you feel safe, secure and confident. The high driving position means that you have great visibility and practicality. You just feel that your family are safe and sound. <

Faults and Repairs

Never had a fault and with regular servicing, the car has never skipped a beat. Dealer servicing is a bit pricey but tends to be worth it. Tyres are staggeringly expensive but, fortunately, don't need replacing often!