Land Rover Discovery Station Wagon 1989 - 1998

Land Rover Discovery Station Wagon 1989 - 1998

Overall Rating:
Review by Alexander L
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Lots of fun wherever you go"

Exterior and Interior

A great-looking classic. It's sophisticated profile with the signature safari windows still stand out in the crowd. I have a 7-seater and it really does seat 7 adults comfortably without affecting the performance. It's a practical car. With the rear seats folded you can fit in almost anything you want. It's been through innumerable house moves and deliveries. On a downside, many interior parts are made of hard plastic rattling away regardless of the terrain or speed.

Performance and Economy

The 2.5-litre diesel has plenty of pulling power. It isn't a quick vehicle but it wasn't designed to be one. The Discovery can handle serious off-road conditions and it is one of the best all-terrain vehicles even by today's standards. It takes time to accelerate through the first two gears because the manual gearbox was built with off-road conditions in mind. Economy depends on maintenance and driving style. The car can actually do better than what the factory stats suggest - it can reach 35mpg at cruising speeds, which is not bad for such a heavy car. It does around 30mpg in the city.

Like to Drive

The car behaves confidently and has got amazing grip even on a wet surface. The driver's seat is very comfortable, steering is sharp and precise. The clutch is rather heavy but it's something you get used to. Overall an enjoyable experience! <

Faults and Repairs

It's a well-built car, especially the diesel engine. I've seen examples with nearly 300K on the clock. Some of the ancillary systems can be rather unreliable. Good news for a DIY enthusiast is that parts are really cheap and you don't have to be a professional mechanic to maintain and repair the vehicle. One of the main problems is the rust. Unless you fancy regular welding work, get a dehumidified, air-filtered garage!