Land Rover Freelander 2003 - 2006

Land Rover Freelander 2003 - 2006

Overall Rating:
Review by aster1x
Monday, May 16, 2016


"Car for the rurals"

Exterior and Interior

The exterior feels solid and is solid and reliable. You know you can drive over difficult terrain, its got great ground clearance. Inside is not flash, just basic and reliable. Loads of room inside and you can easily put the seats down to make a little van if you need to move anything.

Performance and Economy

Good performance, moves well. Not the cheapest of cars to run, but the benefits outweigh this issue.

Like to Drive

Easy to drive. Easy to drive up hills, etc. Is quite nippy, when you get to a junction, you can pull away quite well. Over difficult terrain, you feel secure, and you know this vehicle can manage it. If you have to pull onto grass, you won't slide. Drives well in icy conditions and snow. It's a little bit like a brick on wheels with regards to its turning circle! <

Faults and Repairs

There are some reliability issues with the fuel pump system - but mainly because when BMW did a change to their engine breather Land Rover didn't do the same to the engines in this vehicle.